January 19, 2022

People from all over the world are trying to come to America.  There is a reason for that.  Lady Liberty in the New York harbor holds her torch high with the promise of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness for everyone that calls America home.  

As we talk about the American dream, and the opportunity for all to enjoy the pursuits of liberty, we realize there has been a dark side to America’s past.  We understand that, and want to learn from that.  But we should remember that the vast majority of Americans agree that there is a bright side to the American dream.   That the dream still exists, and acknowledging that in some areas, we as a nation should strive to do better.

As we secure the blessings of liberty for all, we need to ensure that people live and work in safe environments.  Our cities need to be places of peace, law and order.  To that end, we support law enforcement officers, deputies, troopers, dispatchers, EMS, and others who honorably service.  We honor those who serve with honor.

LIGHT AMERICA BLUE is an effort to let those who honorably serve in law enforcement that we appreciate their devotion to duty and sacrifices they willingly make for their communities and nation.

Right now, we are designing projects to reach out to law enforcement to let them know they are appreciated.   We also want to partner with the general public in this message of appreciation.     We are interested in your feedback.  email staff@lightamericablue.com

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