“We honor those who honorably serve.”


We as a nation need to have equal application of the alw to everyone, regardless of political affiliation, station in life, or skin color.

America….it’s time to LIGHT AMERICA BLUE

We need to have law and order on the streets of America, if we don’t, we have anarchy and we don’t have a country.   We don’t have “Life , Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness……a right of all Americans. 

It’s time to BACK THE BLUE


In communities today, it’s often the police vs “the public”.   We need to change that perception.   Police are part of our community.  They life here, their kids grow up here.  

We need to get back to community policing, where police are looked as as engaged and involved members of community. 

You will find the VAST MAJORITY of law enforcement are good, honorable people trying to do an almost impossible job in troubling times. 


Often police say 

“Sometimes there is Justice.     Sometimes there is just us”

We need to change that perception.

We need to help police do their job.


129 police officers were killed in the United States in 2021.   Many of these officers had kids.  These kids will no longer have a mother or father.  It is a sacrifice that family will feel for their rest of their lives.

Those officers, troopers, deputies, border patrol agents sacrificed their lives and their futures to keep us safe.

We honor the sacrifice and remember the humanity.