On Independence Day, It’s Time to Light America Blue


Light America Blue.  We support law enforcement. It’s July 4 in America. Happy Birthday America.

We need law enforcement in America going forward.

With the shooting today, six people dead in  Highland Park, Illinois.   Another tragedy.

We need to hold people accountable when they break the law. And we need to give the police the support and the equipment and the manpower to do their job.    To do your job. And we appreciate what you do and it is our goal as we move forward in year 247 In America, to encourage people to speak out and speak up and support law enforcement.

We back the blue here. It’s time to light America blue. It is time we lose law enforcement. We lose law and order in the streets of America. We lose this country.

You’re on the front lines and one this July 4 2022. We want you to know we support you. We support law enforcement.   it is time to light America blue

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