McMinnville, Oregon PD honors officer for saving a life

 (from Mac PD Facebook page)  Please help the McMinnville Police Department congratulate Officer Justin Brenner who was awarded the MPD’s Lifesaving Award during our City Council meeting tonight. Below is a summary of what occurred.
On Saturday, June 5th, 2021 at 4:29 p.m. a shooting call was received by YCOM and dispatched to McMinnville units. The initial call was that the caller heard a gunshot, but it was unknown if a person had been shot.
Officer Justin Brenner arrived in the area and found a male victim at 938 NE 2nd St. laying in the dirt between some concrete steps and the house foundation. The victim was lying in a rapidly growing puddle of blood. Officer Brenner applied a tourniquet the victims upper thigh. Due to the amount of blood and dirt Officer Brenner was unable to immediately pinpoint the gunshot wound. Officer Brenner cut the victims jeans and still unable to identify the wound applied a second tourniquet as high on the victim’s thigh as possible, stopping the active bleed.
Information was learned later that the gunshot had partially severed the victim’s femoral artery. The victim had required a blood transfusion prior to being life-flighted to Portland. Medics and hospital staff both stated that the victim would have died but for the tourniquets applied by Officer Brenner.
In recognition of your immediate and purposeful actions that were successful in saving the victim’s life, you are awarded the McMinnville Police Department Lifesaving Award.

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