My name is Dave Adams. I am the director of a small non profit based in Chattanooga, Tennessee designed to support and encourage law enforcement.

LIGHT AMERICA BLUE is listed with the state of Tennessee as an “assumed business name” of USA HEARTBEAT, INC. HEARTBEAT is a 501C3 registered with the IRS. Our goal is to promote non political patriotism, support the American ideals, support for military, law enforcement, promoting Christianity, family values and promoting true American history.

I believe America can be a great place to live. We have lost our way a bit, but I believe most Americans really want freedom. Our individual views of freedom may be different.

The challenge is coming to any “common ground”. USA HEARTBEAT “the pulse of Freedom” wants to be one of the chorus out there to promote America.

The eventual goal of HEARTBEAT and LIGHT AMERICA BLUE and our other outreaches is to go nationwide.

My background is in journalism. I have been in radio broadcasting for 43 years. I spent a great deal of time covering the “cop shop” on the small market news beat. I have personally seen the heartbreak that communities and police go through. I am also a pastor. TJN THE JESUS NETWORK is another of our outreaches.

Defund the police is the stupidest idea ever thought of. Sending in social workers to a domestic disturbance or stopping a violent subject is insane. We need police, now more than ever.

The goal of Light America Blue is two fold.

1. To encourage law enforcement. Many people support police, the problem is the public have been silent. That has to change.

2. To encourage the public to speak up and stand up to support law enforcement.

To that end we have started some projects.

1. A 24/7 on line radio station listenable to anyone in the U.S., Canada, and Britian. We play music and brief shout outs to police. We are looking for more Americans to call in with brief “shout outs” supporting police. The website is

2. We are starting a website called This was patterned after the last call from Toledo, Ohio Police officer Anthony Dia. He was killed on duty July 4, 2020. His last radio call was to tell the dispatcher “tell my family I love them”.

3. we have a 24/7 loop continuous feed audio channel with short bios of officer, troopers, deputies, killed in the line of duty. They goal is to never forget those names. To that end we repeat them on a continuous loop on a live internet feed.

I am sending you this letter for two reasons. To let you know people are trying to help and to ask for any suggestions of program content we can develop on our radio station or otherwise to encourage and support law enforcement.

The law enforcement community often says “Sometimes there is justice, and sometimes there is just US”. We want to help prove that last statement wrong. We honor those who honorably serve.

Thank you for you service.

Dave Adams


USA HEARTBEAT, INC 423-500-2745


correspendence to:

9214 Railroad Avenue

Ooltewah, Tennessee 37363