Denver jury award to protestors sends wrong message to police


A Denver jury has awarded 14 million dollars to 12 “peaceful” protestors involved in a riot after the George Floyd death.    12 people were hurt with bean bag projectiles and pepper spray as police tried to keep the peace during several days of gatherings in downtown Denver.      Attorney Tim Macdonald said the jury agreed with the argument that peaceful protestors were injured as police responded.     Read the full story here by Fox News.

Our concern is this causes police to hold back in keeping the peace because they are worried about lawsuits and the public jumping to conclusions about over zealous policing.  I have talked to police were are deciding to leave the force because the risk of personal lawsuits and attacks on officers and their families isn’t worth it.   They are easier, safer ways to make a living.    These are the kind of public servants we desperately need in law enforcement today.  

We are noticing a reversal of the public outcry to defund the police, but there is still a move to restructure policing in a way that we believe puts the public at tremendous risk.  We are seeing crime rates sky rocket in America’s largest cities.    We need to regain control of our streets and let police do their jobs. 

The 12 plaintiffs were injured with bean bags and pepper-sprayed during several days of gatherings in downtown Denver. At the end of the trial, attorneys asked the jury to award $17.5 million in damages. 

“I think we established that when there are people committing acts of violence, what the police should do is take action against those people.  What you can’t do is take it out on the peaceful protesters,” Tim Macdonald, attorney for seven plaintiffs, told Fox News. “The acts of violence against peaceful protesters by the police were so extensive, I think that’s what persuaded the jury. 

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