Editorial – Nov 22 2022 Support Law and Order

Editorial - Nov 22 2022 It's Time to Support Law and Order

Light America Blue. It is another day in America Tuesday, November 22 2022. So much violent news out there. There’s so much crime in America’s largest cities.

And now we hear that Washington DC wants to decrease penalties for some higher end crimes. I don’t think that’s a good idea. It’s just my opinion. I think we need to honor those in law enforcement, I think we need to give them the tools to do their job. I think people who commit crimes should be held accountable for their actions.

There are brave men and women serving in law enforcement today. Thank you for your service. And we need to do everything we can to get behind you and support you in your efforts to make this a safer nation. Thank you for serving in law enforcement today. We want to come online here every day.

It’s time to light America blue. It is Tuesday, November 22 2022.

On Independence Day, It’s Time to Light America Blue


Light America Blue.  We support law enforcement. It’s July 4 in America. Happy Birthday America.

We need law enforcement in America going forward.

With the shooting today, six people dead in  Highland Park, Illinois.   Another tragedy.

We need to hold people accountable when they break the law. And we need to give the police the support and the equipment and the manpower to do their job.    To do your job. And we appreciate what you do and it is our goal as we move forward in year 247 In America, to encourage people to speak out and speak up and support law enforcement.

We back the blue here. It’s time to light America blue. It is time we lose law enforcement. We lose law and order in the streets of America. We lose this country.

You’re on the front lines and one this July 4 2022. We want you to know we support you. We support law enforcement.   it is time to light America blue

Break Every Chain – the movie

We live with unbelievable pressures today.  Those pressures are often soul breaking for our first responders….but there is hope.   Break Every Chain is a movie based on a true life story for first responders and those dealing with addiction


Chattanooga Police Chief takes the stage at city’s Christian concert


it was back.  After a two year hiatus due to COVID, Chattanooga’s celebrated Christian music concert known as JFEST was enjoyed by thousands.  The  day was hot, but it did not melt the enthusiasm of the concert goers.    Chattanooga’s newest Police Chief Celeste Murphy was invited to the stage to welcome Christians to Chattanooga.   The crowd joined in a prayer for all of the city’s police department employees and officers.  

Denver jury award to protestors sends wrong message to police


A Denver jury has awarded 14 million dollars to 12 “peaceful” protestors involved in a riot after the George Floyd death.    12 people were hurt with bean bag projectiles and pepper spray as police tried to keep the peace during several days of gatherings in downtown Denver.      Attorney Tim Macdonald said the jury agreed with the argument that peaceful protestors were injured as police responded.     Read the full story here by Fox News.

Our concern is this causes police to hold back in keeping the peace because they are worried about lawsuits and the public jumping to conclusions about over zealous policing.  I have talked to police were are deciding to leave the force because the risk of personal lawsuits and attacks on officers and their families isn’t worth it.   They are easier, safer ways to make a living.    These are the kind of public servants we desperately need in law enforcement today.  

We are noticing a reversal of the public outcry to defund the police, but there is still a move to restructure policing in a way that we believe puts the public at tremendous risk.  We are seeing crime rates sky rocket in America’s largest cities.    We need to regain control of our streets and let police do their jobs. 

The 12 plaintiffs were injured with bean bags and pepper-sprayed during several days of gatherings in downtown Denver. At the end of the trial, attorneys asked the jury to award $17.5 million in damages. 

“I think we established that when there are people committing acts of violence, what the police should do is take action against those people.  What you can’t do is take it out on the peaceful protesters,” Tim Macdonald, attorney for seven plaintiffs, told Fox News. “The acts of violence against peaceful protesters by the police were so extensive, I think that’s what persuaded the jury. 

Light America Blue End of Watch


We remember the names and honor the call to duty and sacrifice of these brave men and women.  If you know of a law enforcement representative who died in the line of duty who we have not yet included in our list, please let us know and we will add it to the list.   We will never forget these names.  These names repeat endlessly 24/7

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  • Light America Blue Prayer

McMinnville, Oregon PD honors officer for saving a life

 (from Mac PD Facebook page)  Please help the McMinnville Police Department congratulate Officer Justin Brenner who was awarded the MPD’s Lifesaving Award during our City Council meeting tonight. Below is a summary of what occurred.
On Saturday, June 5th, 2021 at 4:29 p.m. a shooting call was received by YCOM and dispatched to McMinnville units. The initial call was that the caller heard a gunshot, but it was unknown if a person had been shot.
Officer Justin Brenner arrived in the area and found a male victim at 938 NE 2nd St. laying in the dirt between some concrete steps and the house foundation. The victim was lying in a rapidly growing puddle of blood. Officer Brenner applied a tourniquet the victims upper thigh. Due to the amount of blood and dirt Officer Brenner was unable to immediately pinpoint the gunshot wound. Officer Brenner cut the victims jeans and still unable to identify the wound applied a second tourniquet as high on the victim’s thigh as possible, stopping the active bleed.
Information was learned later that the gunshot had partially severed the victim’s femoral artery. The victim had required a blood transfusion prior to being life-flighted to Portland. Medics and hospital staff both stated that the victim would have died but for the tourniquets applied by Officer Brenner.
In recognition of your immediate and purposeful actions that were successful in saving the victim’s life, you are awarded the McMinnville Police Department Lifesaving Award.